Suman and I have started preparing our genius hour presentation. Thinking of what to say in the presentation is very difficult because most of our tie dye experience was horrible. Its also very hard since in our other classes we have provincials so I also have to study and now I also have to present this project. Suman and I just want our presentation to be entertainting because having to watch boring presentations is the worst. Suman and I decided it would be intersting  if we added visuals so therefore we are also preparing a prezi with all the pictures of our path. I really hope me and my partner continue doing tie dye and hopefully we can do even more cooler things like bed sheets and pillow cases and maybe even shorts or something thatd be cool.  
This week for genius hour my partner and I have tried new techniques regarding tie dye. Our first tie dye experience was not very good it was just messy and the shirts did not come out nice. That's why this time we tried to make it less messy by getting a tie dye rack and doing it, cause last time we had used a garbage bag which left the excess dye on the bag which eventually had gotten back on the shirt and made the colours not very pretty. when we were done setting up the station we began to tie dye. This time we made sure we got the shirt to soak up all the dye unlike last time which resulted in the shirt being mostly white and having no dye omit. We finished all our shirts and wrapped them up in plastic wrap and let the shirts soak in the dye for 8 hours. after 8 hours we washed the shifts and the end result was wonderful, we couldn't have been happier.
So far my partner and I have done multiple things. For starters we bought all the supplies from a craft store called Micheal's. We got a tie dye kit and a total of eight t-shirts. Last weekend we began our tie dying process. We didn't know how to set up our station which really messed us up later on. We started of by doing the spiral one this one was very difficult especially since the t-shirts weren't soaking up the dye so we had to rub it into the shirt. We didn't realize but all the dye that wasn't getting soaked up was falling on top of our station which was a big black garbage bag. When we flipped over the shirt the part of the shirt that already had dye on it was mixing with the dye on the garbage bag which is horrible.

The second shirt was our biggest disappointments. We did a stripe technique. That was the easiest tie dye technique because all you had to do was divide the shirt into different sections by tying elastic bands. My partner and I thought this shirt would be the best. We didn't realize that just because you dye the part of the shirt that is seen doesn't mean you dyed the rest of the shirt. We didn't tie dye the inside of the shirt which we realized a little to late. The shirt has only one line of dye which was very disappointing. Our third shirt was a big success we did the acorn method which was dividing the shirt into four sections vertically.

Overall, we learned a lot more about tie dying. For example, have a proper station perhaps next time we can use a rack so instead of the dying being left on the bag it will fall directly into the sink. We also learned that you have to cover not only the white spots that are being seen but even the inside of the shirt. I am excited to tie dye next time cause I believe it will turn out much more successful.
My partner Suman and I have decided to do tie dye for our genius hour project. We chose this as our topic because we have always wanted to learn to tie dye. I remember myself seeing tie dye shirts and wanting to learn how to make my own. Therefore, I am very grateful l I know have a chance to learn how to do something I have always wanted to do and that to with a good friend. My partner and I have learned many new techniques. I thought tie dye was very simple I thought all you did was put rubber bands around a cloth and squirt dye all over it, but that is definitely not how you do it. The different techniques we learned were the folding tie dye technique, the ombre technique and the sponge tie dye technique.

In order to do this project we have to get through a numerous amount of obstacles some of which were the supplies, the location and the overall learning. As for the supplies we realized you can get them from Michaels. As for the location we chose to alternate houses, and for the overall learning we watched YouTube videos and looked online.  The internet has been a huge resource but to narrow it down these sites helped the most: and Although we are almost done preparing and are ready to start on our project we still have a few questions. Some are what type of colors to use? What techniques will look nice? And what product should we show the class? We are very excited to start on our genius hour project.

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One of the ideas Sir Ken Robinson had shared in his video.

I strongly believe schools kill creativity. Kids have too much pressure on themselves whether it’s from their parents, society or their school. Parents expect their children to have good grades while also being culturally involved. Society expects children to have a good social life while also being on the honour roll and receiving scholarships and schools expect children to be getting A's and B's. Now if you think about it spending so much time with all this pressure you won’t have enough time to pursue what you want to thus killing your creativity. As a high school student I know that you hardly receive any work that involves using your imagination. There are many things we can do to make school creative again. For example, Teachers shouldn’t prioritize school subjects over others. Math, English, art and drama should all be equally important resulting in students not constantly stressing and instead actually enjoying all classes. I don’t think they should make classes mandatory if students want to take a subject they should if they don’t want to they shouldn’t. Students shouldn’t be forced to take a class they don’t like. If we were given this option so many students would have more opportunity to take classes they enjoy. I found a lot of things interesting about this video. I liked the idea of how students shouldn't be categorized due to age but should actually be categorized due to knowledge. If some students excel in math they should all be put together not be separate cause of their age difference. Age shouldn't matter, knowledge should. If they were to put all the students no matter what age that excel in a subject together, It’ll make the class fun because they will all have a passion for that subject. They will also get to know each other better and have time to explore different people and things. These are my thoughts on this inspiring video.

Hi my name is Simran! And I am 14 years old meaning I am a Grade 10 student currently attending High school. Here are a few things about myself ;  My friends and family almost always come to me for advice therefore I think I can be considered as a very understanding and trustworthy person. I believe I am humours, sensitive and a kind hearted person. My favourite season is summer! Because I hate snow and I love the sun. I love to eat anything spicy yummy! I absolutely love pasta, subway, burgers and pizza. Most of the stuff I do in my free time include going on twitter, doing my homework, baking and also reading! My favourite book has to be perks of being a wall flower it’s such an inspiring book. My favourite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi, Full house and Saved by the bell. Some of my favourite movies are Dear John, Mean girls and law abiding citizen. Although I hate school my favourite subjects are English and science. I love writing and doing essays I also enjoy learning about the world. More than anything I love my family! We always have the best time while we are together! My top two goals in life are to be successful in what I do in the future and have fun while doing that, and my second goal is to make my family and friends proud of me! Overall I love to watch movies, watch TV and most importantly love spending time with the people that matter most, my friends and family.

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